Made-Rite Tattoo is a custom tattoo shop.

Made Rite Tattoo since 2006.

We believe art comes first.

Tattooing is both art and craft and that philosophy is the basis of everything we produce. We draw, paint, study, solder our own needles, and build our own machines. We have great reverence for the tattooers who came before us. Tattooing is an art form with an incredible history. While understanding and respecting our elders we keep an eye to the future. Each artist at Made-Rite possesses unique talent, passion, and vision. We are individuals, who together, make up a collective of dedicated professionals committed to creating beautiful work.

John Biswell tattooing since 1993.

I make bold beautiful tattoos. I strive to use my understanding of form & subject matter to blend together styles using my own aesthetic choices.
I use texture, color & tone to create contrast and clarity in my work. My use and understanding of color far exceeds what would be the norm for a traditional artist.
I am looking for clients who trust and have deliberately chosen to wear my tattoos and have the dedication to finish projects we start together.
I do not require you know the details of what you want tattooed. I will often ask for at least 1 of 3 things; subject, placement, color pallet.
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Matt Plaumann

I make traditional tattoos that are based within my personal aesthetic. The tattoos I create have a heavy outline and are filled with bright and bold colors. I am drawn to both eastern and western imagery. I am inspired by both the living world and the artwork of past and present masters. I am always learning and pushing myself to a new and higher level, while staying true to my aesthetic. I have dedicated myself to producing the highest level of work possible. All I ask of clients is to be as dedicated to me as I am to you. For appointments
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