Our top 10 reasons to get tattooed in 2013

1. Getting a new tattoo is a lot easier than your other new years resolution

2. Tattoos make you look cooler than cigarettes and they don’t cause lung cancer

3. You will enjoy it more than a gym membership

4. Because your girlfriend is sick of looking at someone else’s name on you chest

5. Tattoos are like vitamins for the soul

6. In case of a zombie apocalypse you will look tough

7. Tattoos will get you laid

8. Because you turned 18

9. Because our apprentice Matt wants to stop working a second job

10. The Mayans were wrong. The world didn’t end in 2012. Celebrate!

Friday The 13th

Through the joys of Facebook I found out that Hobos/Congress Street Tattoo was having a Friday the 13th/30 year anniversary event. When invites pop up on my Facebook feed I usually ignore them, but I had been wanting to get tattooed at Hobos for quite a while. As I looked over the list of artists that were going to be involved in the event I noticed that Ron Wells (who frequently does guest spots at Hobos) was going to be there. I had been nerding out on Ron’s artwork through instagram for the passed few months, so it was the perfect opportunity to go get tattooed. I cruised down after I got out of work that morning, and walked around Portsmouth until the event started. It was weird seeing how much that town has changed in the passed 10 years (I lived in Dover, NH for a year after I got out of school and spent a lot of time in Portsmouth). I got to Hobos soon after the event started, the vibe was awesome and a bunch of people were already there in line waiting to get tattooed. I picked out a little filler piece for my leg from Ron’s sheet. We banged the piece out, unfortunately I had to run after it was done, but I was glad to get the opportunity to get tattooed in a great shop by a super nice dude.