Tattoo F.A.Q.

What’s the best way to make an appointment?

Stop in to the shop Friday or Saturday 10-6. You can talk with the artist of your choice and leave a deposit to lock in your appointment.

Do I need to leave a deposit?

Yes. All appointments require a non-refundable monetary deposit of $200. which is applied to the cost of your tattoo. It is merely a contractual agreement. All appointments should be made in person Fridays or Saturdays 10-6.

What does it mean when I hear the terms “one off”, “custom” and “flash” when talking about tattoos?

“One off” tattoos designed by tattooers for the the purpose of tattooing it once. These are highly creative tattoos most often create to become portfolio pieces and are things the tattooer wants to tattoo.
“Custom” tattoos designed with a client in mind. Subject matter, placement or other specifics may have been provided by the client.
“Flash” are tattoo designs created & collected by tattooers world wide for the purpose of inspiration and or reproduction. Flash designs adorn the walls of the majority of shops world wide.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Cash only

What qualifies as a walk in tattoo?

One off, flash and previously designed tattoos work well. We do not draw large scale tattoos on a walk in basis. Also
Please note that the first prerequisite for a walk in is to walk in to the shop.

Does it hurt? Are there
locations on the body that are more painful than others?

Have you ever gotten a sunburn? Well, that’s pretty much what getting tattooed feels like. It definitely hurts, but is certainly not the worst pain you will ever feel. In terms of the level of discomfort based on location, sure, there are more sensitive areas on the body. However, you should not let the pain be a factor in deciding placement or size of your tattoo. The pain is temporary, and soon forgotten. If you want something on your ribs, don’t get it on your forearm. In the long-run you won’t be happy. Trust us.

How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?

You have to be 18 years old and prove it. Positive legal I.D. is required. No exceptions.

I have a design in mind but want to know how much it would cost? What are your rates?

First and foremost, we can’t give price quotes over the phone. We need to see what we’ll be tattooing in order to give you an accurate price. In terms of rates, our shop minimum is $100.00. This ‘base price’ covers the cost of our disposable supplies and sterilization for each tattoo. For larger tattoo projects we offer session rates or pricing by piece.

What do you like doing most?

Our portfolios say it best. Each artist has their specific strengths and vision you can learn more on our About Page

What is the tattoo process like? I’ve never gotten one before.

The process begins with your initial consultation. Once we have discussed your ideas we will take a deposit and make an appointment for you.

Do you offer metallic, sparkle, black light or glow in the dark ink?


I have an old tattoo that I’m not happy with, do you do cover-ups?

Yes, we do. When coming in for a cover-up you should keep several things in mind. There is a certain amount of camouflaging involved with covering an existing tattoo. You should be thinking about subject matter you actually want to have on your body, not just what will cover what you already have. The new piece needs to be larger and darker than your old tattoo. Also, black is the only color that will cover black.

Are you a piercing studio as well?


Do I have to make an appointment? What happens if I have an appointment that I need to cancel or reschedule?

Appointments are recommended and preferred. We do take walk-ins when possible. We require 48 hours notice for cancellations. An appointment may be moved once, in the event that you cancel again your deposit will be forfeited. To reschedule your appointment another deposit or prepayment will be required.

How long have you been tattooing for?

Collectively we have 29 years experience.

How do I know if you’re the right artist for me?

Doing your research can answer this for you. Start by viewing our portfolios and reading our about page then come in to the shop and meet us. When you commit to larger projects like sleeves and back pieces, we will be spending a lot of time together so it’s important that you enjoy spending time at the shop.

This is my first tattoo, can I bring a friend to the appointment for support?

A friend is welcome to join you if you’re feeling nervous. The shop does get crowded quickly so we ask that you don’t arrive with an army of supporters. We value keeping a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere at the shop.

I have a group of people who want to get tattooed on the same day. Do we each need to leave a deposit? Do you offer discounts?

If there is a group of you interested in getting tattooed on the same day we need a deposit for each person. Deposits are non-transferable. Please note that you will not all be getting your tattoos at the same time. We do not offer discounts.

My friend said to look at portfolios. But what do I look for?

look for healed tattoos. Healed photos show how the tattoo settles into the skin. Depending on how well the tattooer can technically apply a tattoo, can drastically change between a fresh tattoo and a healed tattoo. It also gives you an idea of what style the tattooer is passionate about (for example: black and grey, traditional, Japanese, realistic) it also shows you the client returned to the studio.

What should I do the day of my appointment?

You should start by getting a good night’s sleep. Eat something before your appointment, your body needs fuel while you’re getting tattooed. Dress appropriately and most importantly be on time and if it’s your first tattoo, try to relax!

I’m concerned about safety, what do you do to keep the shop sterile?

We are licened by the State of Mine and certified in blood borne pathogen safety by the Red Cross. At the shop we use disposable needles and supplies that are brand new for each client. We sterilize our equipment in an autoclave to assure sterility and adhere to hospital standards. We take great pride in maintaining a clean and relaxing environment.

How do I heal my new tattoo?

While the tattoo is healing you will want to use a non-scented/non-petroleum based lotion twice daily. This should be applied very sparingly, too much will cause scabbing. For two weeks you will need to stay out of chlorine pools, and do not take long soaking baths. The tattoo goes through a process much like that when you are healing a sunburn. The outer layer of skin will slough off to reveal a new healed layer beneath. Do not worry when this begins to happen…your tattoo is not falling off. During the peeling phase, DO NOT PICK OR SCRATCH THE TATTOO. This is perhaps the most important rule of the healing process.

What happens if I get a tan? Will it change the appearance of my tattoo?

Yes, if you get a tan the tattoo will darken as well. Over time repeated exposure to the sun can cause your tattoos to blur or fade. We recommend using heavy duty sunscreen on your tattoos if you are going to be spending time outside.

I found an image online that I’d like to get as a tattoo, can we use it for my design?

We’d be happy to use your image reference for your tattoo. We prefer to draw for each client so that your tattoo is unique to you. If we where to trace an image directly from an internet search, chances are that there are tattoos out there of the exact same photo. But, definitely bring us your ideas, any reference is helpful.